In the wake of an unsuccessful suicide attempt, a deeply troubled mother loses custody of her beloved six year old daughter.

PAPER COVERS ROCK premiered at the 2008 SXSW Film Festival where it was acquired by IFC Films for North American theatrical, home video and VOD.

It was awarded Jury Awards for Best Narrative, Best Cinematography and Best Actress at the 2008 Ashland Independent Film Festival, in addition to the Audience Award for Best Narrative.

“Depression in cinema is often an excuse for mawkishness or shrill overacting, but director Maggio uses it here quietly, delicately, and to debut his philosophy of “Incidental Film”: an anti-Dogme 95, where narrative truth is everything. This lends an uncomfortable realism, as the supposedly healed Sam unravels. As Sam, Jeannine Kaspar captures the fragility of the truly despairing, and her almost wordless performance makes every step of her self-destructive path plausible and heartrending without ever being overblown. If Maggio wanted to make a fearless and touching movie, he managed it.” - THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE

“The most quietly impressive performance I saw this year, and my favorite film at SXSW, was that of Jeannine Kaspar in PAPER COVERS ROCK. The film follows a young woman just released from a hospital after unsuccessfully attempting suicide, and her measured steps towards reclaiming her life, and her daughter. PAPER COVERS ROCK is given a humble but powerful realism by Kaspar, on which Maggio remains focused throughout the length of the film. There’s a straightforward honesty to Kaspar that’s most watchable; even her moments of frailty and confusion have a lucidity that’s magnetic. David Lowery at Spout has compared moments in her performance to that of Damien Lewis in Lodge Kerrigan’s Keane. PAPER COVERS ROCK is a well-written and confidently-directed film, one whose final moments are truly haunting, and which leave its lead performance all the more unforgettable.- FILMMAKER MAGAZINE