Peter Grey (James Le Gros), an overly zealous television chef, kidnaps J.T. Franks (Joshua Leonard), an influential and notoriously snarky food blogger after a particularly nasty review deals the final blow to Grey’s already plummeting career.

Sequestered deep in the woods of the Hudson Valley, Grey keeps Franks chained up in a basement, presenting him with a series of deceptively simple food challenges
- from preparing a perfect egg over easy, to grilling a steak precisely medium rare – punishing him sadistically for anything less than total perfection.

A tense thrill-ride served up with wicked wit and culinary flare, BITTER FEAST is an exploration of the creative impulse gone tragically and ferociously awry.

Starring James LeGros, Joshua Leonard, Larry Fessenden, Megan Hilty, Amy Seimetz, and Mario Batali.

BITTER FEAST was an official selection at the 2010 Los Angeles and Chicago Film Festivals and was released theatrically and on VOD through MPI Media/Dark Sky Entertainment. It is currently available on Showtime.

“It’s the rare bit of horror that aspires to haute cuisine, and while BITTER FEAST is accented with the occasional arterial geyser and McNugget-sized chunk of human flesh, it’s really gore for the gourmet. First-rate performances by James Le Gros and Joshua Leonard, some novel tweaks to the standard revenge recipe and what may be cinema’s first torture-porn abuse of a blogger lend this Joe Maggio-helmed thriller enough humor to complement its bloodlust…” - VARIETY, JOHN ANDERSON

“Zesty fun for its actors, Feast is at once a sly parody of the celebrity-chef culture spawned by all the cable cooking shows and competitions, and a creepy little chamber-piece. Even Maggio’s point of view on blogging captures something unique: Leonard’s character likens himself to the former pro-wrestling superstar Iron Sheik, applying an unlikely but apt analogy to online provocation…” – VILLAGE VOICE