Written and Directed by Joe Maggio. Released October 26th, 2010.

A man reflects on his life – and imminent death – while perched on a ledge overlooking Manhattan. Through a series of surprising reveals, what begins as a touching soliloquy on human frailty devolves into a psychotic screed as our ledge-dweller’s misdeeds are slowly brought to light.

Starring Vincent D’Onofrio as The Man on the Ledge, with Larry Fessenden as Detective Bill Coley, the officer charged with talking him down. Featuring John Spredakos, Nick Damici and Greg Amici.

To download MAN ON THE LEDGE, visit www.talesfrombeyondthepale.com.

“Its setup-and-twist arrangement recalls the best of classic radio (excepting the modern, saltier language, of course). Mention must be made of the exceptional performances; the material is enlivened by the superb D’Onofrio (from FULL METAL JACKET, MEN IN BLACK et al.), whose stuttering, naturalistic voice acting is completely gripping. Even the greatest of the old-time shows suffer from what in 2010 feels like stagy and overly deliberate delivery by classically trained casts; here, D’Onofrio manages to make audio drama feel fresh again with every subtle inflection. He’s ably supported by Fessenden’s reappearance as part of the tale, reprising his BITTER FEAST role of private eye Bill Coley…” - FANGORIA