Founded in 2006, Incidental Films is a small production company devoted to the film, writing and recording work of Joe Maggio.

Incidental Cinema is an approach to film making that uses recent breakthroughs in digital cinema technology to forge new paradigms in narrative film making.

There are no rules in making an incidental film, save the overriding imperative that no creative decision be made based on future commercial considerations, such as securing distribution or protecting the film’s budget.

Incidental Cinema seeks the new without knowing what the new might look like. Incidentalism is the creative equivalent of throwing oneself into the mouth of a volcano.

An incidental film can be any length, any genre, shot on any format, cast with non-stars and stars alike, and produced for any budget, regardless of how big or small. That’s right; If a filmmaker can afford to play with millions of dollars, they can be an incidentalist.

The spirit of play, of carefree experimentation, is the essential attribute of the incidentalist.

The incidentalist follows his or her story to its dramatically logical conclusion, no matter how controversial. The incidentalist never shies away from the shocking or taboo in the pursuit of audience approval.

The incidentalist casts the most appropriate actor, no matter how obscure or well-known, for every role. Notions of an actor’s “bankability” are anathema to incidental filmmaking.

The incidentalist approaches each film fearlessly, with complete disregard for tomorrow. An entire movie may lead up to a single moment of beauty. Or it may lead to the trash heap.

The incidentalist is not a film distributor and has no concerns for the life of a film beyond the process of its creation. Every film is an experiment. Because the incidentalist has abolished all judges, he or she feels entirely free to fail.

For the incidentalist, even total failure is a discovery of sorts.

- Joe Maggio
Brooklyn, 2012